Your registration and login data (email address/user name and password) are valid for the Company register, the Publication platform and the Federal Gazette - regardless of which of the three platforms you have registered on.

Registration is required, if you want

  • to obtain information on annual financial statement documents deposited with the Federal Gazette or in the Company register,
  • to file an application for certification of an annual financial statement in the Company register,
  • a storage of the document cart beyond the end of the session in the Company register,
  • to have unlimited access to your retrieval data in the Company register,
  • to identify yourself on the Publication platform,
  • to submit an order to the the Company register or the Federal Gazette on the Publication platform (if your company is registered at the register court, please have your commercial register data - register court, type of register and register number - ready to hand),
  • to commission an Info Service in the Federal Gazette.

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Useful information about the registration

For which services a registration is needed and what you have to consider when registering.



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