Where can I find that?

The Company register is the central platform for saving legally relevant company data. All important information required to be published about companies is collected centrally here and made electronically retrievable for interested parties.

Over the Company Register, you have access to

  • The electronic trade, cooperative, and partnership register. The following register content from register courts are available:
    -Register entries,
    -to the documents submitted to the register
  • Disclosures of the trade, cooperative and partnership register
  • Publications from the Federal Gazette
  • Balance sheets deposited with the Federal Gazette.
  • company-relevant messages from securities issuers
  • Disclosures of the bankruptcy courts

How can I authenticate an annual financial statement?

At the Company Register we offer registered users the possibility of authenticating published annual financial statements either electronically (as a digitally-signed PDF document) or in paper format. The exact authentication procedure can be referred to in the “FAQ” section under “How can I have annual financial statements certified?”.

If you require an authenticated annual financial statement, such as for use in foreign commercial transactions, an apostille is in many cases also required.

What is an apostille?

An apostille is a simplified form of legalisation (a confirmation that a signature is indeed that of the issuing person) for an authenticated document. Published annual financial statements can be seen as documents.

Who is the “issuing person”?

For annual financial statements the “issuing person” is the Company Register, as it performs the authentication.

How can I request an apostille for an annual financial statement?

You should first have the published annual financial statement authenticated, and then send the authenticated version to the Bundesverwaltungsamt in Köln, Referat II B 4, 50728 Köln. There the authenticity of the signature on the company register is checked, and once this is confirmed, the apostille is then issued.

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