Register Information from the Register Courts

How can I retrieve register information?

The Company Register offers access to the trade, cooperative and partnership register. If you want to search for register information of the register courts, we will retrieve this for you from the relevant court.

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A document cart is available for document retrievals. You can collect and download the register information that you want to retrieve (see   »Document cart).

What can I retrieve?

The following register content can be retrieved:

  • AD: Current Version (Overview of all currently valid entries)
  • CD: Chronological Printout (with all data as of the switch to electronic register management)
  • HD: Historic Print-Out (with all data valid until the switch to electronic register management)
  • DK: Tree-Structure of the documents submitted to the register (e.g. shareholder lists etc.)
  • UT: Business owners data
  • SI: structured register content

To what extent can I refer to register information?

The company can only counter a third party on the basis of facts that have previously been listed and announced or those that were known to the third party beforehand (§ 15 section 1 of the German Commercial Code). A third party must permit such facts to apply that have been correctly listed and announced. This does not apply to legal actions initiated within fifteen days of the announcement, insofar as the third party can prove that the fact was neither known nor had needed to be known (§ 15 section 2 of the German Commercial Code). If a fact that needed to be listed was announced incorrectly, a third party may refer to the announced fact with regard to the party on whose behalf the fact had to be listed, unless he or she was aware of the error (§ 15 section 3 of the German Commercial Code).

In which file formats are the registration documents available?

Registration documents are available in the following file formats:

  • zip
  • tif, tiff
  • pkcs7, p7m, p7s
  • odt
  • pdf
  • rtf
  • asc
  • txt
  • doc
  • xml

The specified file formats are defined for the data exchange in the registration portal. However, potentially any file format can be transferred. They can be recognized by the file extension.

What does retrieval cost?

Information about arising fees or charges can be found under»Costs of use

Register information access downtimes for individual States

Because of necessary security measures, access to the trade, cooperative and partnerships register in the following Federal States will not be possible at the following times:

Daily between 02:00 and 06:00
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania:
Daily between 03:10 and 06:00

Accounting/financial reports, fund information, business disclosures, capital market information, bankruptcies and register disclosures are not affected by these restrictions. You can also continue to access the content of publications, and specifically view annual reports or download these in PDF format.

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