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Here you can search for all important information about companies. You can do so free of charge and without registering.

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Accounting / financial reports

In this part you will find annual accounting documents and disclosures of decisions and declarations according to §264 Sec. 3 of the German Commercial Code as well as the financial reports of securities issuers.

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Business disclosures

In this part you will find publications of:

  • Stock Corporations,
  • Associations limited by shares,
  • Limited Liability Companies,
  • Cooperatives,
  • General commercial and limited partnerships,
  • Mutual Insurance Associations
  • foreign companies,

and companies from the shareholders forum.

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Capital market information

In this part you will find messages from issuers to the Company Register:

  • Insider information
  • Managers' transactions
  • Country of origin
  • Messages about voting rights
  • Securities acquisition and transfer
  • Prospectuses/Advice
  • Other capital market information

As well as other publications from the Federal Gazette concerning securities.

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Register information

In this part you will have access to original documents from the trade, cooperative and partnership register. The retrieval of these data is subject to a charge according to the Justizverwaltungskostengesetz (Justice Administration Costs Act).

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Register disclosures

In this part you will find disclosures about entries in the trade, cooperative and partnership register.

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Fund information

In this area you will find all publications regarding funds, such as reports, basis of taxation, contract conditions, etc.

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In this part you will find the most important disclosures in bankruptcy, general enforcement and comparison procedures as well as failures.

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