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In this part you will have access to original documents from the trade, cooperative and partnership register. The retrieval of these data is subject to a charge according to the Justizverwaltungskostengesetz (Justice Administration Costs Act).

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In principle, branch establishments (company name of branch office) are found via the data on the main office, such as the Companies Registry where it is registered and the type and number of registration, as well as legal form. These features (search criteria) are then linked to the branch office.

Linkage does not include a company's place of business or the state where it is located. This latter information always relates to the searched company and can't be combined with other criteria on the search form, such as, for example, name of branch office with location of main office.

To get best results, do not restrict your search for branch establishments to the state of location.

Data on company address when searching Companies Registry information: Address data – such as street, postal code, and city – always relates to the main office. A search for data on branch establishments won't return any results. "How it works / Search".


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